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The Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring

Advantages of Laser Gum Reshaping

If you suffer from thick gums that cover much of your teeth when you speak or smile, consider seeing a reputable Houston dentist to determine if laser gum contouring is an option. Whether an individual’s gums are the source of an oral health concern or more of a cosmetic concern, laser gum contouring can help.

While heredity can be responsible for the increased appearance of the gums, it is not the only factor. It may be possible for an individual’s gums to become more pronounced as they age due to something like the side effects of certain medications. A licensed Houston dentist may recommend a patient in either of these situations have some degree of gum contouring done to better accommodate a pocket reduction or crown lengthening. Individuals with periodontal disease may also be urged to consider gum contouring as a treatment option.

People with serious underlying health conditions or those who have a tendency to bleed heavily or who take medication that may cause them to do so will need to speak with their Houston dentist to find out if they are eligible for the procedure.

The procedure works by using a light from a dental laser to sculpt the gumline around the teeth, giving the gums a more uniform appearance. An added bonus is that laser gum contouring can often be done in as little as one visit.

Recovery can vary from person to person, but many patients report feeling only minimal discomfort and a shorter recovery time than a similar procedure that is done surgically.

With a relatively simple procedure that typically makes gum contouring easier to undergo and recover from, the benefits of laser gum contouring have many patients more interested in laser contouring methods than surgical methods.

The Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is a common treatment for thousands of Americans each year. This may be because a dentist recommends the change for improved oral health, or it may be sought out by a patient who is self-conscience about the prominent appearance of their gums. Either way, the procedure offers patients a number of advantages.

Some of the benefits of laser gum contouring can be:

  1. Lasers and less anesthesia. Decades ago, reshaping the gums typically required surgical procedures that necessitated cutting tools and sutures. Fortunately, modern technology now allows trained Houston dentists to utilize a laser for this same procedure, which eliminates the need for sutures and may even reduce or eliminate the need for a patient to have anesthesia beyond a local anesthetic. The overall effect of a laser procedure can be a sharp decrease in a patient’s anxiety levels compared to those who undergo a surgical procedure.
  2. Increased precision. While traditional surgical methods for gum contouring can also be effective, dental lasers can offer increased precision. This helps ensure that only the intended area is treated, with little to no effect on the surrounding tissue.
  3. Decreased bleeding. Dental lasers designed for soft tissue cauterize the affected area as they work. This has the potential to decrease a patient’s blood loss during the procedure when compared to the surgical method. A patient who loses less blood via the laser method may be able to avoid nausea that can sometimes occur with the bleeding associated with the surgical method.
  4. Less discomfort. Surgery can come with a high incidence of pain and discomfort due to the nature of the procedure. However, by using a laser light beam instead of metal cutting tools, many people report feeling minimal discomfort with gum contouring. A decrease in discomfort allows the individual to get back to their daily activities sooner.
  5. Decreased incidence of infection. Dental lasers use a light wavelength that is designed to kill bacteria as it works. This assists with reducing the incidence of infection due to bacteria growth. This is one of the benefits of laser gum contouring that brings patients an increased sense of comfort as oral infections can become serious if not addressed quickly.
  6. Faster recovery. Dental laser procedures typically offer a faster recovery time than traditional surgical treatments. This is primarily due to cauterization by the laser which eliminates the need for sutures. Many patients are drawn to laser gum contouring because of its typically faster recovery rate.
  7. Enhanced oral health. In some cases, gum contouring can better protect teeth from conditions such as decay, gum disease, or even bone loss. Avoiding such situations can provide enhanced oral health for the patient. Since dental health is an important barometer for a person’s overall health, potentially better oral health is a critical benefit of gum contouring.
  8. Improved self-confidence. Some individuals who have a self-described “gummy” smile, may not feel confident enough to smile or speak naturally and may resort to close lipped smiles or covering their mouth while speaking. Gum contouring can help uncover more of the teeth, making them longer in appearance. This noticeable change can give patients a self-confidence boost.
  9. Gumline uniformity. Every individual is unique, and some may have a more uneven gumline that can give off a lopsided appearance. By reshaping the gumline with the light from a laser, it can alter the gums so that they are more uniform in appearance.
  10. Long-lasting results. Not all dental procedures are permanent, but when a dental laser is properly used for gum contouring, it should permanently keep the gums from growing back in the treated area.

The benefits of laser gum contouring can be related to both dental health and cosmetic dentistry concerns. Advanced technology has made laser gum contouring the preferred treatment option of many patients and their dentists.

If you have concerns about the length or shape of your gums, arrange a consultation with a licensed Houston dentist to learn more about the benefits of laser gum contouring.

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