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Dental Health


Why are Routine Dental Appointments Important

Why are Routine Dental Appointments Important The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends at least one dental appointment per year, with two visits being ideal. It’s important for people to stay on a routine dental appointment schedule, no matter their age or the current state of their oral health. Here are some of the reasons why …

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Dental Specialties

What is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS)? Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dentists specializing in surgery of the mouth, face and jaws. After four years of dental school, surgeons receive four to seven years of hospital-based surgical and medical training, preparing them to do a wide range of procedures including all types of surgery …

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Periodontal disease is a serious infection under your gumline. ARESTIN® (minocycline hydrochloride) is an antibiotic that kills the bacteria that causes the infection. It’s placed directly in the infected areas—or “pockets”—in your gums. It’s applied right after scaling and root planing, the dental procedure that disrupts stubborn plaque and bacteria below your gum line—where brushing …

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Periodontal Maintenance

People who have been diagnosed by a dental professional as having periodontal disease must commit to periodontal maintenance in order to protect their dental and overall health. The objective of this maintenance program is to keep gum disease from advancing to a degree in which it overruns the gums and results in the loss of …

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Dental Dictionary

A Abscess A collection of pus. Usually forms because of infection. Abutment A tooth or tooth structure which is responsible for the anchorage of a bridge or a denture. Amalgam A silver filling material. Anesthetic An agent that causes temporary loss of sensation/feeling. Anterior The front position. Apex The end of the root. Asepsis No …

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Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)

A dental prophylaxis is a CLEANING treatment performed to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. Prophylaxis is an important dental treatment for stopping the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Prophylaxis is an effective procedure in keeping the oral cavity in proper health and halting the progression of gum disease. The benefits include: Plaque removal. Tartar …

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Child Dentistry

Your child’s first visit The first “regular” dental visit should be just after your child’s third birthday. The first dental visit is usually short and involves very little treatment. We may ask you to sit in the dental chair and hold your child during the examination. You may also be asked to wait in the …

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Oral Hygiene

Why is oral hygiene so important? Adults over 35 lose more teeth to gum diseases (periodontal disease) than from cavities. Three out of four adults are affected at some time in their life. The best way to prevent cavities and periodontal disease is by good tooth brushing and flossing techniques, performed daily. Periodontal disease and …

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Dental Health

Dental Health Specializing in Dental Health in Houston TX Your family’s dental health is too important to put off. That’s because dental health isn’t just about oral health as it also affects the whole body health. Medical research has confirmed that your oral health can also impact the following:  The risk of developing cardiovascular disease, …

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