Professional Teeth Whitening: The Secret behind a Sparkling Smile

Half of Americans say that a smile is the first feature they notice about someone after meeting them. A bright, dazzling smile has ripple effects of positivity, confidence, happiness, and liveliness towards the people you meet. When the same smile fades out, it makes you look low and dull. People with yellow-toned teeth often become conscious when interacting with others. This takes their self-esteem a few notches down.

It’s because of all this that 40.5 million US citizens opted for teeth whitening last year. Studies suggest that teeth-whitening is the most sought-after dental treatment in the US.

How does teeth whitening work?

Your teeth could have been discolored due to many reasons. It could be overuse of tobacco, years of neglecting oral hygiene, genetics, aging, or some gum-related disease. But that’s nothing to worry about because your dentist will carry out an in-depth examination of your teeth before recommending a treatment. If your teeth are a bit too discolored, the dentist might suggest crowns or veneers instead.

The most common mechanism is bleaching. This bleach consists of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The concentration of these bleaching agents depends upon the intensity of stains and of course, the patient’s preference.  The bleach breaks down stain particles and therefore, dilutes their concentration making the teeth appear whiter.

After the process, your dentist might require you to revisit to get checked for any signs of gum sensitivity.

In-Office Whitening Vs Over-the-counter whitening kits


  • The whitening tray prepared by a professional dentist is custom-made to suit the structure of your teeth. On the flip side, the same from a drugstore contains similar levels of bleach for every individual.
  • In-office whitening treatments contain higher concentrationsof hydrogen peroxide which makes the stains go away faster, as compared to OTC products.
  • A dentist preps your teeth before any whitening treatment. This involves cleaning, plaque removal, and covering the gums with a mouth guard. They also follow up for any sensitivity issues and recommend diets that’ll make the whitening last longer. None of this happens when you whiten your teeth yourself at home.
  • Because of lack of expertise, you can also mistakenly apply the bleaching agent on the gum surface if you’re doing it yourself. This makes matters worse. These bleaches are very strong and can corrode the protective enamel.

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