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Periodontal Diseases: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is a rising concern in the US which affects about half the American population. The statistics are far more alarming if we only take adults into account. These diseases are found to be more prevalent among men. The severity of the disease varies in accordance with how early or late […]

Improve Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

A recent study surprisingly revealed that people with straight teeth are considered successful at both, their jobs and love lives. The same research also found that 40% US citizens wouldn’t prefer going on a date with someone who has crooked teeth. The best part is; around 2/4th of Americans said they’ll be most likely to trust someone […]

Is Teeth whitening Safe?

If you are experiencing discoloration on your teeth due to any reason, having them whitened for a boost in your smile is a great idea!

3 Common Root Canal Myths debunked

Root canal therapy also known as the endodontic treatment is needed when there’s an infection in the root of your tooth. The reason could be a worsening decay, an injury, or a crack in any of the teeth. Dentists usually suggest a root canal therapy if the pain, swelling, or sensitivity remains persistent for some time. […]

3 Dental Care Practices You Must Adopt for Healthier Teeth

Does bad breath keep you from speaking to others? Are you shy of smiling for the camera because of those stained teeth? Is that chronic toothache not letting you sleep peacefully at night? Have you started noticing plaque buildup on your gums? We know what’s wrong. You’re ignoring your dental health! Not paying enough attention […]

Here’s how denture help you | Infographic

You will be surprised to see how dentures really help boost your confidence!

3 Unexpected Problems Your Dentist Can Identify

It’s a common misconception that the only problem your dentist is capable of fixing is tooth decay. This is certainly not true. A routine checkup with your dentist can unveil secrets your mouth had been holding for quite some time. Patches of soreness in the mouth, bleeding of gums, or dry lips and mouth can […]

Professional Teeth Whitening: The Secret behind a Sparkling Smile

Half of Americans say that a smile is the first feature they notice about someone after meeting them. A bright, dazzling smile has ripple effects of positivity, confidence, happiness, and liveliness towards the people you meet. When the same smile fades out, it makes you look low and dull. People with yellow-toned teeth often become conscious […]

All You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth, naturally, doesn’t sound like a very pleasant thing. It’s painful, leaves you with a toothless smile, and at times, bleeding gums. If your tooth is on the verge of falling out, a better idea is to have it professionally extracted to avoid the hassle and the pain. Around 20 million Americans get their […]

3 Foods That Are Affecting Your Child’s Oral Health

As parents, it’s very hard saying no every time your child asks for something. We’ve all had instances when our kids ask for chocolates and sweets at grocery stores and we have no choice but to give in. Essentially, all parents love fulfilling their children’s wishes but it’s also important to know whether it’s good […]