3 Common Root Canal Myths debunked

Root canal therapy also known as the endodontic treatment is needed when there’s an infection in the root of your tooth. The reason could be a worsening decay, an injury, or a crack in any of the teeth. Dentists usually suggest a root canal therapy if the pain, swelling, or sensitivity remains persistent for some time.

The good news is that a root canal therapy saves over a million teeth in the US every year. The bad news is that delaying a root canal treatment can make you lose your tooth.

Here are a few myths about root canal you need to leave behind.

Myth#1: Root Canal is painful

The truth is that instead of causing pain, the root canal therapy relieves pain. To make the process easy, the dentists start off the treatment by numbing the gums with a local anesthesia. Through an extremely precise process, they cut open the crown and remove the infected pulp. When the pain-causing nerves are removed, the pain naturally goes away. Be prepared to feel some pressure while the treatment is being carried out but thanks to modern sedation techniques, there’ll be little or no pain.

Myth#2: Root Canal causes illnesses

A common misconception was on the rise in the 20th century that root canal caused cancer. According to the American Association of Endodontists, this myth is far from being true. This 20th century was inefficiently carried out in a time when modern medicine hadn’t developed. At present, scientists have found no concrete link between root canal treatments and any other illness, especially cancer.

Myth#3: Tooth extraction is a better option that root canal

Losing a tooth comes with a lot of disadvantages. These include an ugly toothless smile, loss of a naturally occurring part of mouth, and incurring extra cost of getting dentures. A root canal is a much convenient way out. Also, getting artificial replacements means your current alignment of teeth can be distorted. As per the AAE, most of the root canal therapies are highly successfully and last forever. Nothing in this world can ever serve as a good enough replacement for your natural teeth. We recommend getting a root canal to preserve your teeth in their natural state.

At Meyerland Family Dentistry, our non-surgical root canal therapy is inexpensive and free of any discomfort. Our dentists also follow up on patients to make sure the treatment goes as successfully as planned. If you’re in Houston, you can book our root canal services by contacting us online or calling 713-723-7200.